Secretary Message - TOSACON-2022

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Secretary Message

Dr. Vijay Bhasker Bolgam
Secretary, TOSA

As the Secretary of the Telangana Orthopaedic Surgeons Association (T O S A), I am delighted and honoured to bring this message to the TOSACON 2022., organised by WOSA & Dept of Orthopaedics, MGM HOSPITALS & KAKATIYA MEDICAL COLLEGE WARANGAL, Telangana.

This year has been a significant year, as we the Faculty of Medical Sciences, have decided to hold this prestigious conference annually. With that growth, associated challenges tag along. So, the 2022 Conference has been structured to address those challenges head-on. Our team created to leverage this amazing gathering of professionals to bridge the gaps in surgical skills and to connect the gaps in a new and fresh way. This conference will provide some valuable opportunities on top notch research and medicine, showcasing innovative research that are utilising revolutionary technologies. With a record number of participants expected this year, I hope that these annual conferences will become larger and more substantial every year.

I hope that this conference will allow the participants a productive discourse, not only in aspiring excellence in research, but also in managing healthcare. Some of the underlying issues in research and medicine will be covered in depth in our conference, by our keynote and guest speakers. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to them.
The success of the conference depends ultimately on the many people who work in planning and organizing the various aspects of the conference. I'm constantly amazed by the support given by the Dept of Orthopaedics, MGM Hospital, & Kakatiya Medical College , Warangal  to Dr V. Rakesh and his TEAM, who have a very clear desire to upgrade research and SURGICAL SKILLS in the community in which we live in.

In particular, I thank the committee for their wise advice and brilliant suggestions on organizing the conference. All recognition should go to the committee members who have all worked extremely hard on the details of important aspects of the conference programs. A note of appreciation to the academia for their thorough and timely reviewing of the papers.

Most of all, I thank you, the presenters, for enriching the conferences by your presence. As is a tradition with the conferences, I hope you will enjoy the content, renew old fellowships, make new fellowships, get new ideas, and above all, have a great deliberation.

On behalf of the T O S A, we congratulate each and every one struggled to succeed this feast.
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